Refuelling between planes

An effective refuelling system at Munich Airport was recently successfully completed. In conjunction with sales partner, a total of 1,300 internal airport vehicles were fitted with PetroPoint automatic vehicle recognition. The transition from the old to the new system was smooth. During the one-and-a-half-year project period, the changeover was carried out gradually meaning refuelling could be carried out with either the old or new technology. From now on, not only the driver and the vehicle can be identified, but the mileage and operating hours can also be transmitted automatically. Around 400 vehicles use it to send their mileage, the other 900 vehicles such as mobile stairs and luggage trucks use it to report their operating hours, simplifying control of their maintenance. There are many advantages for fleet managers too. If all the data is transmitted, it is possible to have a comprehensive overview of consumption and because the drivers no longer have to identify themselves, more vehicles can be filled up in a shorter time. Aircraft stairs and other large vehicles are supplied by a mobile tanker from its 25-metre hose. Authorisation also takes place here. However, the data are not transmitted directly, but are collected once a day via WLAN.

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