The most modern refuelling stop for container terminal

Hectronic’s partner Hamer from Belgium faced the challenge of providing the largest container terminal at the Port of Antwerp with an intelligent refuelling system. The customer, MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET), transacts more than 12,000 containers per day, operating 24-hours a day, seven days a week! The requirements were clearly defined. Safety, health and environmental awareness had the highest priority for MPET. An additional core requirement included receiving a clear, complete overview of fuel logistics. The customer had been prepared to go beyond the current standards and install different advanced systems in order to ultimately optimise safety.

Most straddle carriers that are deployed at container terminals are equipped with two fuel tanks as well as an AdBlue system. In order to be able to provide for the entire fleet, altogether eight autonomous refuelling stations were constructed, at which the three tanks can be filled simultaneously at any time. To satisfy the requirements accordingly, the Hectronic company fuelling station solution was implemented.

The authorisation of fuel suppliers as well as the vehicle operators now takes place through multiple Heconomy fuel terminals. The intake and outflow of the fill levels can therefore be made measurable. Additionally, the vehicles of the fleet are equipped with the automatic vehicle recognition system, PetroPoint. All fuelling processes are automatically registered, and customer convenience is increased. Centralised data administration takes place through the management software HecPoll. Transparent reporting no longer stands in the way. The solution is complemented by Hectronic’s tank content management. The OptiLevel HLS probes measure the particular fill level of the gasoil, diesel and Adblue tanks. The supplier can view the fill level through the Mineo Touch Controller before every new filling – safety at the highest level.

Everything in a single turnkey solution that sets the bar high!