‘Totally networked’ training day is well received

Everyone agreed on one thing: even though it’s the ninth of its kind, the HeDu training day is far from over. Whilst we (Hectronic + Dunkermotoren = HeDu), as the driving force and the organisers of this event, initially focussed on careers that our company offers, we have also been opening our doors to all other local companies for two years now. We dare to think outside the box and represent the local variety on offer with respect to career opportunities. In doing so, our main intention is to increase the level of attractiveness of Bonndorf as a location for training and careers. And that’s what we did!

A mix of industries consisting of crafts, industry, retail, food service and social affairs gave young people an insight into a wide range of career prospects. The exhibitors had a lot to offer. For example, visitors could forge, saw, slice, solder and create mosaics. An opportunity that many students took advantage of. Another highlight was definitely the Hectronic and Dunkermotoren company tour. Walking through several stations gave the visitors a lot of practical impressions and allowed them to see the approach to work on-site.

The careers information event was also attended by school and university partners, and partners from the Employment Agency, statutory health insurance, Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.