Turbus Chile success story

In recent years, the Turbus Group, one of the largest transport operators and carriers in Chile, has gradually enhanced its fleet management strategy with the Primary objective of minimising fuel consumption. This accounted for about 30% of its total costs. Together with our Chilean Partner Micrologica, Hectronic created a specific operating station solution, which met Turbus`requirements ideally. To date, more than 2,000 vehicles have been fitted with PetroPoint automatic vehicle recognition, several fuel terminals have been installed and a total of 20 OptiLevel HLS probes have been installed in tanks. The management software HecPoll, which was able to be integrated into the existing network, enables the customer to exercise effective control throughout the entire Turbus group. Fuel consumption can be precisely allocated to the different sites and fuel loss can be minimised. The low maintenance costs complete the requirements stipulated by the transport company. This means that from now on, 23 filling stations can be fuelled intelligently!