Vision added to Hectronic’s CityLine

At Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 we present important new innovations to our comprehensive hardware and software portfolio, including the CityLine family of products.

CityLine is a state-of-the art web-based solution for intelligent on-street parking management that provides users with around-the-clock access to all relevant data and information from their parking ticket machines. Not only can it provide access from anywhere in the world so users can view and check the status of their machines, they can also make necessary changes or updates remotely.

At Intertraffic we are using an advanced parking space simulator to demonstrate to visitors how CityLine has been made even more comprehensive with the addition of new camera-based systems that enable real time parking space monitoring. Importantly, existing cameras can be used and, through optimal camera alignment, up to 300 parking spaces can be monitored with just one camera.

“This advancement offers revolutionary new capabilities,” says Paul Fratila, Director BU Parking Systems. “Parking space monitoring displays if a space is occupied, with snapshots, at intervals defined by the customer, sent to a highly secure cloud-based service. An open-source API interface to the application’s programming enables data communication with any third-party providers, such as parking space information displays, apps or other management systems. An array of statistics allow the customer to optimise utilisation and control of available parking spaces. A powerful business benefit is that tariffs can be dynamically adjusted to maximise revenues.”

We also unveil a new entrance and exit control terminal, the HecTwin@Cloud.  Every terminal has an Android tablet as an operational interface with its built-in camera used as a QR code scanner. Alternatively, an NFC reader can be included in the housing. All terminals are fitted with a VoIP intercom system for communication using an internet connection via a 4G router or an existing network can be used.

We look forward to your visit & interesting discussions with you! See you at our booth no. 310 in hall 2!