Fuel Decantation and Fuel Management System

Monitor every drop of fuel that flows into the fuel storage tank!

An affordable fuel unloading & monitoring system for 100% accurate fuel receipts

Decantation Fuel Management System is the combination of the Hectronic Auto Fuel Terminal and the compatible Isoil Make PD Flow Meter to measure & monitor the accurate fuel quantity received.

Why do you need Decantation Fuel Management System?

Fuel contributes more than 35% of the operational expenses. The fluctuation of fuel prices has a major impact on fuel bulk consumers. Fuel pilferage and leakages can cause more harm than expected. Hence, strict monitoring and controlling are needed to increase profitability and reduce wastage.

How does Hectronic Decantation Management System work?

As the fuel tanker arrives at the fuel station or a bay, Decantation System is connected to the outlet of the tanker. Hectronic Decantation Fuel Management System is an end-to-end automated system that allows only authorized unloading using authorization key card.

With AFT, Auto Fuel Terminal authorization the fuel starts flowing through the Flow Meter into the storage tank. The contemporary Flow Meter in the Decantation Fuel Management Solution fit into any fuel distribution system and has the ability to monitor every drop of fuel flowing through it. Embedded with an excellent air elimination system it does not count the air pockets as the fuel flows from one point to another. The data collected is transferred to the HecPoll software.

The HecPoll dashboard provides at a glance view of key performance indicators, seamless data and reports with the date and time stamps of every unloading that happens at the fuel station. The reports are  tailored to match the business model and requirements.

The Decantation Fuel Management System is capable of demand forecasting. With demand forecasting, estimations of future demand using historical data can be done easily.


  • 100% accurate data
  • 100% transparency
  • 100% elimination of unauthorized unloading
  • 100% elimination of air while unloading & hence counts only fuel
  • 100% elimination of human errors
  • 100% enhanced fuel conservation

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