Turnkey Fuel Management

Capture fuel consumption data and improve fuel economy

Our system suits all industries where fuel is a major cost driver – mining, construction, logistics and many more.

Hectronic Turnkey Fuel Management Solution can be built from scratch to fit into the current business process. It is an end-to-end solution ready to use as soon as it is established. Especially suitable for green field projects!

Need for Turnkey Fuel Management Solution

Do you still use the old and manual ways of the fuel management system? Are you still aware of where that extra fuel expense is surfacing? Are you planning to optimize your fuel management? You are in the right place. Talk to our experts. We will help you understand how Hectronic Turnkey Fuel Management System works.

Even today, massive industries that work remotely are dependent on fuel for their business operations. They use traditional techniques in fuel management. The result is a lack of transparency on fuel expenses, delayed communication leading to decreased productivity and business loss, underutilized resources, and slow business growth.

How does a Turnkey Fuel Management System work?

Every solution we provide is backed by a detailed analysis of the current business process. We adhere to a proven approach before implementing the solutions. This approach includes a detailed technical audit of the entire business. Our expert audit team provides reports that depict the need for a solution.

The Turnkey Fuel Management Solution is designed to suit the existing operating model and future business expansion plan. Hectronic Solutions are a blend of German engineering and Swiss precision. We offer engineered solutions to niche markets under mining, cement, steel, power, infrastructure, railways, ports, aviation & transport segments. Predominantly turnkey solutions are offered in the mining segment, where we can build the fuelling infrastructure from brownfield to complete end-to-end FMS offerings as a one-stop solution provider. Our products/solutions are designed and developed under intense industrial conditions to aid the above segments with its rugged yet environmentally friendly technology.

The engineered design technology stack includes solutions that can automate and optimize each stage of fuel management.

  • Decantation Management System
  • Stationary Fuel Management System
  • Fuel Inventory Management System
  • High-speed Bowser Top Loading/Bottom Loading/Fastfill System
  • Mobile Fuel Management Solution
  • Flow Metering Solution


  • End-to-end automated fuel management
  • 100% transparency and accountability on fuel usage and expenses
  • Zero human intervention
  • 100% customizable solutions
  • Substantial reduction in fuel expense
  • 15-20% savings in manhours

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