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Flow Metering Solutions

A holistic future-proof solution that can be assembled directly on docks for faster refueling

Hectronic India is the sole distributor and service partner for ISOIL Impianti S.p.A, made-in-Italy flow metering products and accessories.

Need for Flow Metering Solution

The need to reduce the time required for refueling trucks and massive industrial equipment has led to the integration of Hectronic Fuel Management Solutions with smart Flow Metering Solutions. It is capable of handling higher flow rates than traditional fuel pumps. It is ready for commercial use and is available for flow rates from 50 L/min to 1300 L/min. and even higher flow rates

How does Flow Metering Solution work?

Hectronic Flow Metering Solution is an effective fuel distribution solution with more flexible and efficient features. It is a customizable solution that can replace conventional flow meters because of its significant advantages. 

The Flow Meter is integrated with AFT for the authorization of vehicles and equipment. With authorization, the pump or control valve in the flow meter allows for refueling the vehicle. The Flow Meter is specifically designed to eliminate the air pockets while the fuel is flowing through it. This excellent feature of the Flow Meter empowers it to measure every drop of fuel with accuracy.

The data is transferred to the Hecpoll software to generate the reports in presentable formats. The Flow Meter is capable of handling higher fuel flow rates and are available for various application like fuel unloading, fuel loading, refuelling.


  • High Data Accuracy
  • Effective Distribution
  • Enhanced Fuel Conservation
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Cost Effective
  • User Friendly
  • Long Life
  • Easy Installation
  • Reliable

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