Stationary Fuel Tank Management System

Real-time Fuel Monitoring

Reduce transactional errors by 100% through digitization

Auto Fuel Terminal-(AFT) HECONOMY is a high-performance, user-friendly mechanism that fits well with any fuel dispenser and ensures the capturing of all transactional data with accuracy and ease.

Need for Stationary Fuel Management System

Keeping track of the fuel dispensed to vehicles and equipment is paramount. Lack of information may cause heavy losses to the business. Accurate accounting is one of the major challenges associated with Stationary Fuel Management.

How does Hectronic Stationary Fuel Management System work?

The Hectronic Stationary Fuel Management System has AFT, an Auto Fuel Terminal for recording, monitoring, and controlling the fuel dispensing. System is compatible to be integrated with any third-party fuel dispenser, conventional mechanical pumps, electronic pumps or flow meters. RFID reader integrated in AFT is used to identify the vehicles and industrial equipment for authorization.

The stationary Fuel Management System is a fit-and-forget mechanism with zero maintenance that provides information on all transactions digitally and remotely. Data such as transaction number, vehicle ID, amount of fuel dispensed, the efficiency of the vehicle, and odometer reading can be recorded securely in the AFT and transferred to the Hecpoll software, wirelessly.

Every liter of fuel that flows from the bay to the vehicle is measured accurately. If the RFID reader does not recognize the vehicle, fueling is not possible as AFT does not authorize the dispenser. Hence, it is a "No authorization no fueling" system that helps you keep track of every transaction at the bay.

Additional options like kilometer, hour meter entry help to monitor the performance of the equipment/vehicle by calculative consumption details. Customized reports vehicle-wise, station-wise, and shift-wise can be generated through HecPoll Software


  • 100% transparency & accountability on each transaction
  • 100% authorized fuelling
  • 100% elimination of human intervention / Unmanned fuelling
  • 100% customizable
  • 100% secured fuelling system
  • Remote monitoring

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