Mobile Fuel Management – Never Run Out of Fuel!

Remotely activate or deactivate refueling of fleets as needed

Enhanced Mobile Fuel Management System that accounts for every drop of fuel consumed

An on-site refueling system with proven technology that is accurate, robust, transparent, and can simplify your fleet operations.

Need for Mobile Fuel Management System

Fuel is a major cost driver in many industries such as mining, infrastructure/construction, oil companies. Every liter of fuel counts when the usage is high. An uninterrupted supply of fuel to remote working sites is essential for efficient productivity in industrial operations.

Human intervention in such scenarios may create intentional or unintentional interruptions that may lead to huge business losses. An intelligent and robust Mobile Fuel Management system that brings transparency yet reduces operational costs is the need of the hour.

How does Mobile Fuel Management System work?

The bowser reaches the vehicle or equipment at the site. The operator puts the nozzle into the vehicle/equipment diesel tank, where the RFID tag is installed. The RFID tag reader on the nozzle scans the RFID tag and communicates to the AFT (on the bowser) wirelessly. Fuel starts flowing into the vehicle/equipment if AFT authorizes the dispense. If AFT doesn't recognize the vehicle/equipment tag, fuelling is not possible.

The AFT in the Mobile Fuel Management System records the transaction with date and time stamp and transfers the data to back-office software HecPoll, wirelessly. Mobile Fuel Management Systems can be tailored as per the industry requirements.


  • 100% transparency & accountability
  • 100% authorized & automated
  • 100% customizable
  • Zero transactional errors
  • Remote data transfer & management
  • 12% manhours saved on data management

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