Hectronic Inventory Fuel Management

For Remote Bulk Fuel Management

Automated fuel inventory management for informed purchasing decisions

Hectronic Fuel Inventory Management System is equipped with ATG, an Automatic Tank Gauge system that provides data on fuel level, temperature, density, and the water level inside the storage tanks in real-time.

Need for Fuel Inventory Management Solution

Fuel Inventory management helps enterprises identify how much stock to order and at what time. It tracks inventory from purchase to storage and from storage to dispense. The system helps you identify the shortages, if any, and respond to tendencies to ensure there's always enough stock for smooth business operations.

Furthermore, manual measuring of the fuel in the storage tank can have data variations. An end-to-end automated tank management system is the only solution to eradicate such blind spots and bring accuracy and productivity to the business process.

How does Fuel Inventory Management System work?

Hectronic Fuel Inventory Management System is suitable for all types of underground and above-the-ground storage tanks. The ATG is immersed in the tank and is connected to the OL-Connect, Console System for the power supply. The ATG has ten segments with sensors embedded in it. The ATG collects the data through the sensors and transfers it to the Hecpoll software. Hecpoll has a dashboard that give you an overview of the important metrics at a glance. The information is displayed in the form of graphs and reports. Also, a 7” touch screen color Mineo display fixed on the tank side provides all data at your fingertip.

The ATG can measure the fuel level, the temperature of the fuel, , and the water level in the tank. It can gauge any incompatible fluids mixed in the fuel. On change of fuel stored in the tank, the gauge automatically adapts to the new medium. Therefore, it is flexible to use for any liquid assets inventory management. The manufacturing of ATG with various lengths and thread standards is possible. The gauge does not contain moving parts hence, does not subject to wear and tear. It is simple to install and no maintenance is required.


  • 100% unvarnished measurement and display of fuel level in real-time
  • Zero human intervention for the measurement
  • 100% precise data of volume/temperature/water level inside the tank
  • Configurable notifications and alerts
  • Customizable reports

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