With FleetNet Routing the world of the most common fleet cards which you can accept at your fuel terminal HecStar or at your cash register HecPOS opens up. FleetNet Routing serves as an interface and connects your fuel terminal to the servers of the different card issuers. FleetNet Routing thus allows you to easily extend the range of card acceptances at your filling station or filling station network.

While you welcome new customer groups Hectronic ensures the smooth processing of one or several fleet cards.

With FleetNet Routing you also profit from the fact that your filling station is listed in the station finder of the respective card issuer.

Data Sheet: FleetNet Routing (469 KB)

Your Benefits

  • Acceptance of the most common fleet cards at your filling station
  • By accepting cards you win new customer groups and generate a higher turnover
  • Through the acceptance of fleet cards your market visibility improves
  • Secure and reliable payment processing

Functional Principle

  1. Setup of the respective fleet cards at your fuel terminal HecStar.
  2. The online authorization of the card(s) via FleetNet Routing is made as soon as your fuel terminal is in operation.
  3. FleetNet Routing is the link for communicating with the servers of the fleet card issuers.