Poland's 2nd hydrogen refuelling station opens

Poland's next publicly accessible hydrogen filling station is ready for customers. Located in Rybnik, this cutting-edge station by the Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK Group is now operational, catering to cars and buses alike. Following Warsaw, this is the second publicly accessible hydrogen filling station in Poland. Both stations are equipped with our HecVision terminal as point of payment and authorization!

Filling up with hydrogen works in the same way as at a conventional filling station. You take the nozzle, insert it into the filler neck, press a button and start filling up. One of the pumps with a pressure of 700 bar is intended for refueling cars. The other, with a pressure of 350 bar, is used for refueling buses. The filling station is completely self-service. Payments are accepted and fleet cards authorized at our HecVision. With its large color touchscreen, the terminal is very easy and intuitive to operate.

Besides the HecVision, NESO fleet card holders also can use the easy2fuel app provided by Hectronic, which has been specially customized for NESO hydrogen filling stations. This app is available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store for both Android and iOS devices. 

The NESO filling stations can be used by any owner of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The 20 zero-emission, hydrogen-powered buses purchased by the city of Rybnik can also be refuelled here.