Roth Heizöle and Hectronic Jointly Develop Rumpold Refuelling App

Astrid Kaufmann, Sales District Manager with Roth Heizöle, describes last year’s introduction of the Rumpold app as a successful start. „As early as three months later, ten per cent of our total customers had adopted our refuelling app. After one year, this value has risen to 15 per cent“, the authorized signatory reports. It is the purpose of the app to offer private but also business customers a simple and quick opportunity to pay for their fuel right at the fuel pump. „In addition, we wish to attract young drivers to our fuel stations. They have grown up with the smartphone and are therefore used to paying by it“, Kaufmann explains.

The Rumpold app is based on Hectronic’s solution easy2fuel that integrates fuel cards as well as debit and credit cards right into the smartphone. Users can download the Rumpold app free of charge in the Apple App Store or in the Android Play Store and store the desired payment option even without registration. Apart from the physical payment card or a fuel chip drivers can now pay contactless by smartphone at Rumpold’s 24 unmanned fuel stations that are equipped with Hectronic fuel terminals. In order to make the app more popular, Roth Heizöle have primarily exhausted their internal marketing opportunities, attached posters at the fuel stations and sent mailings. In addition, members of the sales team have called customers in person to explain the app and make it more tangible.


Digital Transaction History

As a peculiarity of the Rumpold solution Kaufmann mentions the option for registered Rumpold customers to receive collective invoices every two weeks at a fixed price previously determined for the respective interval. In this way, a total amount is debited every two weeks instead of after each refuelling process. „All individual transactions are saved in the app, however, and can be seen at any time. Therefore, it is a very clear and simple system“, Kaufmann is convinced. Furthermore, it is possible to send push messages to inform smartphone owners about news and promotions. Roth Heizöle also use the function to approach their customers with their offers as an energy supplier.

„For us, the Rumpold refuelling app is an organically growing project we are constantly working on. In the digital age, we have to get used to the fact that the smartphone is our new purse and mobile payment is becoming a must as a digital payment option in the next five years“, Kaufmann explains and adds: „We – and also our competitors – were surprised how quickly and smoothly we could implement the project in cooperation with Hectronic.“ For the company headquarters of the MOL group that Roth Heizöle belongs to the Rumpold refuelling app was therefore kind of a ring-the-bell-project that the subsidiary from Austria could quickly implement due to its independence. Currently, the headquarters in Budapest is planning a similar project, but due to the complex IT-interfaces it cannot be carried out as quickly as the solution with Rumpold.