VIP Status for PetroPoint Tag in France

An excellent interim result for Hectronic France. A total of 25,000 tags have so far been installed in vehicles throughout all of France. It is hence undeniable that the AVR PetroPoint System is also enjoying increasing popularity in the French region. This is one reason why we took the opportunity to install the 25,000th transponder in celebration on location at the customer’s premises at Carbu Wash. The VIP car of the airline Air France was specially driven up for the occasion. After successfully fitting the “VIP” tag, the first test run could also be performed in compelling fashion.

Carbu Wash, a subsidiary of the Transdev Group, has already been placing its trust in Hectronic tank technology for two years. The fuel supplier experts serve more than 4,000 vehicles at the Parisian airports. Alongside the successive installation of vehicles with automatic vehicle recognition, Carbu Wash has also been using Hectronic auto fuel terminals since the cooperation began. A thoroughly positive conclusion is drawn by Frédéric Slockyj, Operations Manager of Carbu Wash: “In Hectronic, we have a reliable partner with highly efficient product solutions at our side. Besides the quality, we also particularly value the easy of use and maintenance of the products. We also look forward to being able to realise further projects together in the future.”