The browser-based management software convinces by easy operation, highest security standards and offers valuable support for your parking management. CityLine is a cross-platform solution which can be operated with tablet, notebook or smartphone.

The availability of the end devices in the field is monitored in real time and visualized for a lucid workplace. Each warning or error message is shown without delay and transmitted to the service staff (if necessary).

CityLine – Tool for your Process Optimization

With CityLine processes such as service assignments and pick-up routes can be analyzed, evaluated and optimized. Furthermore, CityLine supplies valuable indicators for your tariff design and optimization.

Data Sheet: CityLine (1 MB)

Your Benefits

  • Control center for parking and service operations
  • Configuration of settings
  • Statistics and indicators for process optimization
  • Real-time monitoring of end devices
  • Open for third-party systems
  • Highest security standard

Basic Functions:

  • Configuration: Setting and modification of parameters and tariffs
  • Statistics and Indicators: Parking revenues, parking time, card transactions, manual or automatic export
  • Real-time Status Display: Live monitoring of end devices
  • Installation: No installation required

CityLine Modules – Flexible Addition of Upto- Date Payment and Surveillance Functions.

  • Free Parking for parking space users
    Free parking for parking space users: The identification is always made via number plate. The free parking time is defined in several intervals per day and allows for free parking in these periods.
    If the free parking time is exceeded the parking space user can pay the additional parking fees, e.g. in combination with the optionally available service “number plate operation”.
  • Real-time Parking
    Only when the parking time ends the parking fees are determined on the basis of the actual parking time. The recording of the parking time begins with the check-in and ends exactly when the parking space user checks out again with their identification card. Only then the precise parking fee is calculated and securely debited from the driver’s account.
  • Dynamic Discount
    Reduced parking fees for residents and authorized parking space users. Regular customers and registered parking space users prove their identity, e.g. via ID-card, and benefit from a customized discount.
  • Violation Ticket Service
    Allows the payment of penalty fees for parking violations directly at the parking ticket machine. The driver enters the reference number into the parking ticket machine and directly pays the penalty fee. The reference number of the penalty notice is either generated by CityLine or by the service of a thirdparty provider. The penalty fees for parking violations can be conveniently set in the back office and updated at any time.
  • Digital Receipt
    Retrieve the receipt for parking fees paid online and save as PDF-file. This service allows parking space users to access receipts online. By entering the card number and the number plate an overview of all relevant parking activities is shown. The parking space user can download the receipt as a PDF-file.
  • Parking Space Operation
    Transfer of parking space occupancy from parking ticket machine to back office in real time. The parking space user enters their parking bay number with the payment. On this basis the parking time and possibly its exceedance can be monitored.
  • Number Plate Operation
    Transfer of the number plate from parking ticket machine to back office in real time. The parking space user enters the number plate as means of identification for the payment. Via number plate the parking time and possibly its exceedance can be monitored.

Manage One for All - Open Platform for the Connection of Third-party Systems

The parking services market has a strong regional character and is developing more dynamically than ever. It´s good that there is a system that grows flexibly with innovations and user habits and bundles all data in one place. This system is called CityLine and the key is the standardised interface (API).

Standardised Interface (API) for Third-party Systems
With CityLine, we have created an open platform that integrates all third-party systems – from parking machines, payment apps and number plate services to camera and sensor systems. The key is the standardised interface, based on state-of-theart cloud technology and developed to the highest security standards.

Thanks to this interface, countless local systems and solutions can be integrated throughout Europe, as you can see in the overview on the right.

This variety of systems can basically be divided into three functional areas:

  • Machines/Charging Points & Payment Apps
    Manufacturer-independent integration of parking or charging machines and payment apps within one system.
  • Number Plate Services
    You choose the preferred solution, we integrate the payment process into your CityLine Management System.
  • Number Plate Recognition
    Integration of camera and barrier systems in combination with payment solutions: contactless, via app or at the parking machine.

Central Administration via CityLine
All data is bundled on the administration level. You get a simple overview of various payment methods – regardless of the machine, the payment app, the mobile payment option or the manufacturer of the peripheral device.

All transactions are integrated and available via the CityLIne Management Software for comprehensive analyses and your reporting.

Aggregated data enable the central management of parking control (enforcement). The devices and systems of your enforcement partners can be integrated via the standardised interface.

Parking Operations Module (POM) – Efficient Maintenance Starts at the Management Level

POM aggregates the data of all parking machines in your system – manufacturer-independent and clearly displayed in the CityLine interface. With POM you can look forward to simplified and more efficient operation of your parking machines!

Do you manage parking machines from different manufacturers in your system?
Then POM is exactly the right solution. This module allows you to monitor and manage all your parking machines from a central point.

POM bundles the data of your parking machines and visualises them on a clear dashboard, integrated in the Management Software CityLine. As a result, this makes your work easier and reveals optimisation potentials of your systems in the field in a direct comparison.

As a user, you also benefit from many practical functions, such as the ticket system for tasks, maintenance alerts and the history of parking processes and machines.

POM is a web-based cloud solution which is integrated into CityLine as a separate module and delivered as a user-friendly web interface.

Your service technician is connected via the CityLine Mobile App and can perform activities and deactivate messages on site.

Functions of the Parking Operations Module (POM)

  • Monitoring of the machines
  • Parking machines from all manufacturers
  • Ticket system for tasks
  • History of all parking operations
  • Visualize and evaluate data
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Cash emptying & cash transport
  • Machine history