Why Every Drop Counts?

Fuel consumption in the mining industry is massive!  All equipment and vehicles only run on fuel. A haul truck consumes about 350 liters of diesel per hour which is almost 140 times more than the fuel consumption of an average sedan car.

Besides haul trucks, there are excavators, mining trucks, drills, loaders, generators, and many other types of equipment that are fuel-chugging. Hence, mining operations are entirely dependent on fuel. With fuel prices skyrocketing, every drop of fuel counts!

Importance of Fuel Management in the Mining Industry

Massive Fuel Consumption

Fuel is the primary operational expense in the mining industry. The mining fleets continuously run 24 hours throughout the week. Hence, saving a small quantity of fuel per truck or equipment per hour can make a big difference in fuel costs. 

Fuel Pilferage & Wastage 

There are other challenges, like fuel pilferage and wastage, that cause an increase in fuel expenses. About 8% of the fuel dispensed is lost due to fuel theft on a mine site. 

The mining storage tanks are quite large to monitor a gradual loss of fuel. Monitoring the leakages manually is not possible as it varies from one person to another how they measure the level of fuel in the tank. 

A few equipment lie on-site unmonitored which may end up in fuel wastage. The diesel may evaporate or fall away in quality if exceeds a certain period. 

Automate Inventory Management

With conventional practice, it is difficult to predict the quantity of fuel required every day at a mining site. With the Fuel Inventory Management System, companies can identify how much fuel to order at what time. It tracks inventory from purchase to storage and from storage to distribution. It provides absolute data on each transaction helping your business optimize fuel usage. Real-time inventory visibility across the site or anywhere you manage or stock fuel. The Inventory Management System is automated, where every drop of fuel is traceable and related records are accessible. 

Besides the above facts, the timely supply of fuel to the site is essential for smooth mining operations. Just one hour's halt of mining work can cause a huge loss to the business. 

Adopting technology can be a game changer for the mining industry. A Fuel Management System that fits into your business model and is custom-built is the only way to get there. An end-to-end Fuel Management Solution that can take care  from the quality and quantity of the fuel dispensed to the mining site to the refueling of all fleets with complete data capture and analytics!

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