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Hectronic - Tank Content Management

Reliable Measuring, Digital Monitoring

Innovative by Tradition

Our floatless probe technology is designed to provide accurate and reliable liquid level measurement. It effectively monitors the level of liquids in tanks or vessels without the need for traditional floating devices, substantially reducing mechanical wear, maintenance and the potential for malfunction.

Combined with our controllers and cloud software, we offer our customers a complete package for level monitoring. Digital solutions meet proven hardware!

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Our proven floatless technology complemented by innovative components! A probe for almost all liquids in combination with our software solutions. You have all the data in view around the clock.

Hectronic Tank Content Management - Measuring
Leak and Overfill Monitoring

Our monitoring system for use in depots, the chemical industry, floating roofs and as a fail-safe solution.

Hectronic Tank Content Management - Leak and Overfill Monitoring




For many years, we have been supplying Aral (BP's filling station brand in Germany) with an intelligent tank content management solution. Throughout the German network, consisting of around 2,500 filling stations, the floatless OptiLevel probes are in use. In addition, new or modernized stations are also equipped with Hectronic systems.

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Total Aviation

Total Aviation offers aviation fuels and complete solutions for airfield storage tanks. Our system solutions are used at 35 airfields and landing sites supplied by Total Aviation.

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Liquid Automation Systems (South Africa)

Our Hectronic sales partner Liquid Automation Systems (LAS) in Africa successfully inspired CBG, the largest bauxite mining company in the world, to implement our solution. Bauxite is an important component for the production of aluminium.

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