The cloud-based surveillance system HecSpot provides real-time information on the parking space occupancy to your PC or smartphone and valuable forecasts for the parking space occupancy to be expected.

This knowledge can be used for controlling the parking search traffic and parking space inspections but also to optimize the economic efficiency of your object, e.g. by a dynamic use of tariffs.

Functional Principle

The database is generated by surveillance cameras that send snapshots to a cloud-based server with algorithmic processing. An interface enables data communication with third-party systems. Parking space information signs, guidance systems or apps are possible. The Citea can be integrated and individually set up as a pay station.

Data Sheet: HecSpot (386 KB)

Your Benefits

  • Detect and identify parking space utilization in real time, increase efficiency
  • Utilization even at night or with snow-clad parking spaces
  • Dynamic use of tariffs
  • Cost-savings by targeted parking space inspections
  • Less seach traffic and noise pollution
  • Quick installation
  • Open interface for the automatic transmittion of occupancy data

Typical Applications

  • On-/off-street parking areas
  • No-parking zones
  • Parking areas with charging infrastructure

Technical Data

  • Camera system certified with CE mark
  • Protection class of camera and housing: IP65
  • Universal mounting material for setup on walls and poles
  • Wide-angle lens (2.8 mm) in all cameras used
  • Available power supply: Mains-powered camera, battery-powered camera or PoE (Power over Ethernet) powered camera
  • Communications options available: Camera with GSM communication or camera with WLAN/LAN communication
  • Short-circuit protection for all camera types

External cameras can also be used if the following criteria are met:

  • 1 megapixel or more
  • Lens 2.8 mm (4 mm is also possible - but the camera‘s field of view will be smaller)
  • Power supply
  • Field of view: 120° or more
  • Internet connection
  • Data transfer: FTP upload, special API call, RTSP stream
  • Web service is DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certified
  • Servers are redundant
  • A RAID 10 configuration is used for data storage to ensure business continuity


  • HecSpot + Camera/Sensor + CityLine:
    Parking space occupancy in real time, incl. display of parking duration. Provision of statistics and resulting tendencies for the parking space occupancy
  • HecSpot + Camera/Sensor + CityLine + Citea or CiteaPico:
    Real time monitoring of your parking space to identify paid and unpaid/overstayed parking bays
  • HecSpot + Camera/Sensor + CityLine + Traffic Guidance Systems (Third-party Systems):
    In addition, information from the parking space surveillance is transmitted to the traffic guidance system and displayed to control the parking search traffic

Options & Packages

  • Parking space recognition with monitoring of the occupancy status and parking time
  • Vehicle counting in defined areas without marked parking spaces
  • Email notification of parking violations in individually defined zones
  • Evaluation options through the use of various statistics

Combine with

  • Central administration via backend software:
    User-friendly administration in the backend. On-site parking space surveillance images (occupancy, parking duration, etc.). Different evaluation options through different statistics.
  • Third-party interface:
    Parking space surveillance information can be transferred flexibly to third-party systems and can be used for diverse, project-specific purposes.