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Hectronic - Company and Fleet Filling Stations

Intelligent System Solutions for Conventional and Alternative Fuels

Customized Solutions From a Single Source

With our expertise and complete solutions, we can help you set up an ideal company and fleet petrol station management system. We can also extend an existing system to improve your current operations.  Our solutions from the areas MANAGE, PAY/AUTHORIZE, MEASURE and REFUEL cover the whole spectrum and can be easily combined, integrated and scaled. The smart software solutions complement quality hardware components and offer new ways of improving economic efficiency and user-friendliness.


Alternative Fuels

Stay ahead of the game and use our solutions to implement alternative fuels at your sites. We can manage a mix of conventional fuels and electricity. Most filling stations offering alternative fuels in Germany already use our services.

Hectronic Fleet and Company Filling Stations - Alternative fuels


Railway Companies

Railway companies enjoy our solution because of its high reliability and flexibility, suitable even for complex systems. With remote access and maintenance programmes, keep a good overview of your operations.


Mobile Bowser Solutions

Our mobile authorization solution for mining, construction and other industries can be easily attached to tank trucks. Integrated driver and vehicle recognition ensure a fast and secure system.

Hectronic Fleet and Company Filling Stations - Mobile Bowser Solutions


Fleet Filling Stations

Stations catering for fleets need to get vehicles back on the road as fast as possible. The authorization system must work effectively and reliably. Our hardware and software solutions support a flexible system that achieves just this.

Hectronic Fleet and Company Filling Stations - Fleet Filling Stations


Airport Apron

Managing fuels for cargo vehicles is very complex, especially at large airports. With our solution operators have a complete overview of the fuel logistics system, authorizing refuelling activities quickly and safely.

Hectronic Fleet and Company Filling Stations - Airport Apron



The payment process at aerodromes used to be very time consuming. With our software and hardware solutions, payment and authorization can be done in seconds instead of minutes.

Hectronic Fleet and Company Filling Stations - Airfields


Cargo Ports

Managing fuels for freight vehicles is very complex. With our solution operators have a complete overview of the fuel logistics system, authorizing refuelling activities quickly and safely.

Hectronic Fleet and Company Filling Stations - Cargo Ports


Public Transportation

Local transport companies often have peak times at which many vehicles need to be refuelled at the same time. With our authorization system, this can be done quickly and safely.

Hectronic Fleet and Company Filling Stations - Public Transport


Car Washes

Our solution for automatic and self-service private car washes includes multiple payment options, such as mobile, contactless, scanner and card.

Betrieb- und Flottentankstellen- Car wash



Since 2015, LIQUIND has developed a network of LNG filling stations. Currently, around 15 locations are equipped with our products.

Our solution

BayWa Mobility Solutions

BayWa Mobility Solutions is taking the next step in the digitalization of its fuel card business. From now on, truck drivers will be able to pay for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) at its stations in Munich using the BayWa app.

Our solution

  • We have transferred all the steps required for refuelling LNG to the app
  • Digitalisation of the fuel card and development of a customer app based on the mobile Payment Platform easy2fuel

Alternoil is the largest LNG provider in Germany. We are proud to support the company in building a modern LNG network.

Our solution

SNFC (French National Railway Company)

Our system solution around the Heconomy fuel terminal is an industry favourite. At the French National Railway Company, our solution authorizes fuel for more than 3,500 locomotives at 80 operating stations.

Our solution

Hamburger Hochbahn

Hectronic’s smart tank technology ensured the correct coordination and supply of materials for Hamburger Hochbahn, one of the largest transport companies in Germany with 6,000 employees. At the state-owned Hamburger Hochbahn, our solution authorizes fuel for trains at seven operating stations.

Our solution

Deutsche Bahn

Our system solution around the Heconomy fuel terminal is an industry favourite. At Deutsche Bahn, our solution authorizes fuel for diesel trains at 150 operating stations.

Our solution

ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railways

ÖBB operates stationary storage tanks and supplies diesel-operated ÖBB rail vehicles, but also external railway companies with diesel fuel. At ÖBB, our solution authorizes fuel for locomotives at 26 operating stations.

Our solution

Indian Mining Companies

Our system solution around the Heconomy fuel terminal is also suitable for mobile filling stations. Numerous Indian mining companies use our solution to authorize fuel for commercial vehicles at mobile bowser filling stations. The result is increased safety and substantial fuel savings.

Our solution


Spanish logistics company GEXA used 20 dispensers in 10 lanes to fuel its own fleet as well as passing heavy duty vehicles – the station is strategically located in one of the most important routes between Southern and Northern Europe. In cooperation with GEXA, AS24 has used the opportunity to extended its European network of stations.

Our solution

  • HecFleet Fuel Terminals
  • A low-maintenance Piezo keyboard
  • Customer-specific adaptation for the existing multi product dispensers (diesel, AdBlue and gasoline)
  • In a two-step process drivers select the corresponding pump and then the correct fuel in the menu

AS24 is a subsidiary of TotalEnergies with 1,400 heavy-duty filling stations in 29 European countries. With 20 years of close cooperation, Hectronic has installed almost 1,000 terminals at AS24's stations. The aim of the current project is to replace the existing generation of terminals with the new HecVision.

Our solution

  • HecVision Fuel Terminal with software update for alternative fuels such as CNG and LNG
  • Clearly structured 10.4-inch touch screen for easy user guidance
The Southern Bavarian Motorway

The Autobahndirektion Südbayern has a huge operating fleet – over 5,000 cars, trucks and various road vehicles. This makes fast and clear fuel management essential.

Our solution

  • Heconomy CRID integrated in fuel pumps
  • Centralised data management via HecPoll
  • 17 stations with a central server at the Munich head office
Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport is the fourth largest airport in Germany. Efficient control of the refuelling process of tankers is vital to the efficiency of operations. Changing from manual fuel logs, the fuel management system was upgraded to modern standards.

Our solution

Munich Airport

Munich Airport is one of the 10 busiest aviation hubs in Europe and its operation is a challenge from a logistics point of view. The airport chose Hectronic to automate vehicle and driver recognition during refuelling.

Our solution

  • PetroPoint for automatic vehicle and driver recogniton
  • More than 1,300 vehicles have been equipped with PetroPoint
  • Authorisation for refuelling of tank trucks
  • By communicating the data, the airport can have an exact consumption overview and more vehicles can be fuelled in less time
  • Around 400 vehicles communicate their mileage count. Another 900 vehicles, such as staircases and box trucks, report operating hours to simplify maintenance control
Paris Aéroport

Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports are among the largest in Europe. Efficient control of the refuelling of the tankers is obviously crucial for smooth operations. The fuel management system should be adapted to modern standards and replace the manually kept fuel books.

Our solution

  • Mobile Heconomy Fuel Terminals for tank trucks
  • Automatic Vehicle and Driver Recognition PetroPoint via RFID
  • The documentation of the fuelling data takes place automatically in the background

aeroPS asked us to develop a payment app for pilots. Pilots can now easily pay with their mobile devices for landing fees, refuelling and other services.

Our solution

  • The development of an app based on easy2fuel but with the customer’s design
  • Airport, number plate, fuel type and fuel quantity can all be selected with one touch and immediately unlocked
  • Drastic timespan reduction
TotalEnergies Aviation

As requested by TotalEnergies Aviation, we equipped 150 airports with HecFleet NTs. Pilots now can pay quickly and easily for landings, refueling and other services with a card.

Our solution

  • HecFleet Fuel Terminals with TotalEnergies Aviation fleet card acceptance
  • Dispensing of AVGAS 100 and Jet A1
  • Pump connection via IFSF LON
Antwerp Container Port

We were faced with the challenge of equipping the largest container terminal at the port of Antwerp with an intelligent fuelling system. Our client, MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET), handles more than 12,000 containers per day and is operative 24/7.

Our solution

  • Authorization via Heconomy Fuel Terminals
  • The fleet vehicles are equipped with the PetroPoint automatic vehicle and driver recognition system. All fuelling processes are registered automatically
  • Centralized data management is carried out via HecPoll
  • The OptiLevel HLS Probes measure the respective tank content data of the gas oil, diesel and Adblue tanks. Before each new filling, the supplier can see the tank content data via the Mineo Touch Controller
Container Port Tanjung Pelepas

The Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) is strategically located on one of the main East-West shipping routes. It offers shipping lines a turnaround time of just 45 minutes in a sheltered bay with no tidal restrictions.

Our solution

  • Authorization takes place via Heconomy Fuel Terminals
  • The fleet vehicles are equipped with the PetroPoint automatic vehicle and driver recognition system. All fuelling processes are registered automatically
  • Centralized data management is carried out via HecPoll

The French transport company Torransdev carries out the fuel authorization of more than 500 busses with a Hectronic solution. For example, our system is used at Rennes bus station with around 200 buses for schools, public transport and tourism.

Our solution

Transdev / ROUEN Métropole (FR)

This successful project in France was implemented with our client ROUEN Métropole and the operator Transdev. Every evening 140 buses refuel at six Transdev stations during a two-hour window – this makes the reliability and effectiveness of our system essential.

Our solution

Stadtwerke Konstanz

The core activities of Stadtwerke Konstanz include gas, drinking water, power supply and passenger transport. They chose Hectronic to modernize the entire fuelling area from the ground up. The area included a private filling station for buses, a semi-public filling station and a natural gas facility. Together with our sales partners Gleichauf, we installed a system that managed to cater for all the client’s varied and complex requirements.

Our solution

Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe

Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG is one of the largest public transport companies in Germany. Catering to city and regional areas, it transports over 850,000 people every day. The fuel authorization of busses is handled by a Hectronic solution that can be expanded in line with future requirements.

Our solution

Syntus (NLD)

The Dutch public transport company Syntus (now KEOLIS) operates more than 730 vehicles. The size of the fleet makes quick and clear fuel management essential.

Our solution

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